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Morley Vetcentre
20 Rudloc Rd
WA 6062

08 9275 3000
08 92753081
  • Dr Gibb Macdonald
    BVSc Hons, MACVSc (Veterinary Behaviour), Grad Cert V Pract Mgmt (UWSyd), DipAgric(WAIT)


    Dr Gibb Macdonald is the Director and Senior Veterinarian at Morley Vetcentre.

    Dr Mac is past national president of the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association (ASAVA) and past national treasurer and WA Representative on the ASAVA.

    Dr Mac has a special interest in small animal behaviour, surgery and oncology.

    He completed a Post Graduate training in small animal behavioural medicine. Our understanding of animal behaviour has come a long way over the last 10 years and Dr Mac now takes behavioural referrals from veterinary collegues and dog trainers. Dr Mac continues to commonly see patients by referral from collegues and for second opinions.

  • Dr Kathryn McMullen
    BSc BVMS


    Dr Kat graduated from Murdoch Uni in 2004. Starting out in mixed practice, she enjoys working with everything from geese to camels.

    She has a special interest in dermatology, feline medicine and surgery, and is also focused on keeping your pets at their ideal weight.

    When not at work, she'll be found out walking her two border collies, horse riding, or relaxing at home with her cats.

  • Dr Kim Binnie
    BSc BVMS Hons, MRCVS


    Dr Kim graduated from Murdoch Uni in 2007. She has returned to Morley Vet after a year travelling the world.

    Kim is particularly interested in surgery, wildlife medicine and emergency medicine.

    In her spare time, Dr Kim loves travelling, photography, taking her Border Collie Indie to the beach and cuddling her two naughty cats!

  • Dr Marty Wray
    BSc BVMS





    Dr Marty is a Murdoch University graduate who has always wanted to work with small animals and has a particular interest in small animal medicine and emergency.

    After somewhat of a multi-country upbringing (living in both the UK and New Zealand) he now calls Perth home and cares for his feline friend Ninja and Simba the gorgeous Golden Retriever (pictured).

    In his spare time, Dr Marty enjoys relaxing with friends, photography, exercising and most of all... travelling!

  • Dr Pippa Howard
    BSc BVMS



    Dr Pippa 

  • Dr Rodney Sundra
    BSc BVMS


    Dr Rodney graduated from Murdoch University in 1995 and rejoined the practice in August 2001.

    Dr Rodney is part owner of the practice and a senior veterinarian at our hospital. He enjoys challenging medical and surgical cases and also loves working with feathered and fishy pets!

  • Dr Shu Wong
    BSc BVMS


    Dr Shu