Hospital Facilities

Hospital Facilities
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Hospital Facilities

Our hospital is furnished with all the necessary equipment to provide the very best care for your pets for all their treatment requirements from small procedures through to major surgery.

Our hospital provides separate standard care areas, an Intensive Care Unit and special isolation areas for animals with contagious infections. With our latest state of the art diagnostic equipment, we conduct pathology tests very rapidly. Results of tests, which used to take days, are now available to Morley Vetcentre patients in less than an hour. Rapid diagnosis means rapid treatment and faster response to sickness

Radiographs / X-Rays

Morley Vet has high quality radiography equipment which means rapid diagnosis and treatment for your pet. Majority of the time pets do need to be anaesthetised for this procedure, as it is very important for them to stay still while x-rays are being taken.

This dog fractured his leg in several places, the next X-ray shows the bone held into place with Bone plates and Screws.

Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery

Elective surgery is routinely performed on week days. From sterilisations through to a wide range of more involved surgery e.g. hernia repairs (diaphragmatic, perineal, umbilical and inguinal ), cystotomy (bladder surgery) anal gland removal and enterotomy (bowel surgery)
Emergency surgery is performed 7days a week (e.g. car accidents and dog attacks through to the very serious and potentially fatal bloat and twisted stomachs commonly seen in deep chested large breed dogs).

We also provide and encourage Prophylactic Gastropexy Surgery for deep chested large breed dogs(e.g.Great Danes, Standard Poodles etc) to prevent bloat and so often fatal twisted stomachs. This is often carried out to give these owners peace of mind that their dogs stomach is prevented from twisting in the future and is often carried out at times of other procedures such as spey or castration.

We also regularly perform elective and emergency surgery on exotic species such as birds, rabbits, ferrets, rats and mice.

Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery

This is performed on weekdays and includes surgery to repair fractures (pins, plates and screws), luxating patellas (dislocating knee caps) through to the more complicated anterior cruciate repairs using the latest TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) techniques that is providing a very good post operative response especially for the very active and larger breeds of dogs.


Microchipping your pet is quick and easy – your pet does not require an anaesthetic to implant the chip, although many clients choose to microchip their pets when booked in for sterilization. The chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice and is given via injection, like a vaccination. It has a unique number that is recorded on a National Database.

When a stray animal is bought into the clinic or the pound, a scanner will pick up and read the number of the microchip. We have had many success stories reuniting lost pets with their thankful owners.

A one-off cost includes registration and implantation.


Our hospital is specially equipped with the latest laboratory quality blood analysis machines, which are able to run comprehensive blood tests to make sure the insides of your pet are functioning well. An added advantage of having in-house testing is that results are often available within hours, not days.


Small Animal Dentistry – Dental problems are common in dogs and cats as well as rabbits. We perform a wide range of dental procedures as well as the routine teeth cleans. We also advice on a range of dental disease prevention.


Veterinary medicine is advancing at a rapid rate. Many cancers once thought to carry a poor prognosis can now be treated with chemotherapy. This includes 2 very common cancers we see; lymphoma and mast cell tumours.

Unlike humans, dogs and cats that undergo chemotherapy don’t have the severe side effects of nausea and most breeds don’t lose any fur.

Chemotherapy is one of the many services we provide at our hospital. For specific information, contact one of our veterinarians.


Small Animal Medicine – we have veterinary staff with many years of experience in dealing with often the most complicated and difficult medical cases. Common cases seen include gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, diabetes, kidneys and liver disease and poisonings to the more complicated Cushings and Addison disease.

Many cases can require extensive testing to get an accurate diagnosis and a successful treatment plan underway.


Dr Rodney performing an Ultrasound.

Pregnancy and Diagnostic Ultrasounds can be arranged by appointment.

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