Dog Training Consultations

Dog Training Consultations
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Dog Training Consultations

We offer individualised training consultations addressing specific behaviour & training issues:

  • Fearful of other dogs
  • Fearful of people
  • Barking
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Separation issues
  • Toilet training
  • Recall issues
  • Introducing a new baby/dog/pet
  • Resource guarding
  • Manners training
  • Pulling/lunging on lead
  • Chasing cars/bikes
  • Handling/vet visit/husbandry issues

Consultations consists of three key components:

  1. A training session with you and your dog – this usually lasts between 1 and 1½ hours
  2. An online presentation ‘What Your Dog Wants You to Know’ – foundations of dog behaviour before we meet!
  3. A comprehensive written training report – management plan and behaviour modification protocols

Before we meet, we ask that you complete a questionnaire and email it back at least 2 days before our scheduled consultation. We will then have a clear history of your dog’s behaviour, past experiences and current environment.

Training Consultation: $220
Follow Up Consultations: $120

Please note that for dogs suffering from anxiety or reactivity issues we highly recommend a consultation with our veterinary behaviourist – Dr Gibb Macdonald. For a dog to learn new responses in stressful or anxiety inducing environments, the underlying anxiety needs to be addressed first. A behaviour modification program can then be introduced. A veterinary behaviourist has the expertise to deal with these type of anxiety issues.

To contact us please email:

“We have had such fun with our dogs attending Laura’s masterclasses for almost 4 years and more recently her trick classes. I have also done some wonderful one on one consultations with Laura with each of my dogs. I can’t speak highly enough of Laura’s work as a dog trainer. She is so caring and supportive and provides as much positive reinforcement principles to the humans she works with as she does her dogs- it is so encouraging and it works! A very clever women who problem solves things in a partnership with you to ensure the best outcome for your dogs and really caters for their individual differences and needs. I have been very inspired by the work that Laura and her team at Morley Vet Centre do – they have given us many opportunities to enrich and improve our dog’s lives.”

– Maree, Gracie, and Ollie

“When I adopted Truffle one of my biggest concerns was her reactivity to other dogs, which made our daily walks very stressful for both of us. I booked a private lesson with Laura so we could focus on reducing this behaviour and it was fantastic. Laura was able to explain things really clearly, using excellent analogies and she gave me the tools and strategies I needed to help Truffle. Applying Laura’s teachings, our walks are now so much calmer and more enjoyable. That lesson was so successful we’ve recently had an in-home session with Laura to focus on visitor reactivity and I’ve no doubt that will be equally successful!”

– Annette & Truffle

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Public Holidays: 9am-5pm
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