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Morley Vetcentre
20 Rudloc Rd
WA 6062

08 9275 3000
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Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery

Elective surgery is routinely performed on week days. From sterilisations through to a wide range of more involved surgery e.g. hernia repairs (diaphragmatic, perineal, umbilical and inguinal ), cystotomy (bladder surgery) anal gland removal and enterotomy (bowel surgery)

Emergency surgery is performed 7days a week (e.g. car accidents and dog attacks through to the very serious and potentially fatal bloat and twisted stomachs commonly seen in deep chested large breed dogs).

We also provide and encourage Prophylactic Gastropexy Surgery for deep chested large breed dogs(e.g.Great Danes, Standard Poodles etc) to prevent bloat and so often fatal twisted stomachs. This is often carried out to give these owners peace of mind that their dogs stomach is prevented from twisting in the future and is often carried out at times of other procedures such as spey or castration.

We also regularly perform elective and emergency surgery on exotic species such as birds, rabbits, ferrets, rats and mice.

Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery

This is performed on weekdays and includes surgery to repair fractures (pins, plates and screws), luxating patellas (dislocating knee caps) through to the more complicated anterior cruciate repairs using the latest TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) techniques that is providing a very good post operative response especially for the very active and larger breeds of dogs.