Positive Paws Outdoors Exercise Area

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Google Maps location for Morley Vetcentre

Morley Vetcentre
20 Rudloc Rd
WA 6062

08 9275 3000
08 92753081

Positive Paws Outdoors

A private oasis for your dog to enjoy!

  • Play alone or with friends
  • Discover a fun adventure
  • Romp around in the sunshine
  • Play games with your favourite human
  • Relax under the shady trees
  • Explore, sniff and sniff some more!

The area is fully fenced and located at the rear of Morley Vetcentre

No other dogs will be permitted in the area during your booking time

Perfect for dogs who may be fearful, anxious or reactive around other dogs

Great for dogs who prefer playing with their owner or dogs that they know

Conditions of Use

Both dog and owner use the area at their own risk

A current C5 vaccination certificate MUST be shown on arrival

Bookings are essential


The area can be hired out for 30min or 1hour blocks

$10 per 30 minutes (one dog) and $5 per extra dog

Maximum of FIVE dogs at any one time

For larger groups please speak to our friendly staff

To book please call us on 9275 3000


"I took my dog-reactive German shepherd Kobe to the positive paws enclosure this afternoon and it was fantastic! It was so wonderful to see him run full pelt to fetch a ball, since we rarely let him off a lead. And it was also so relaxing to not always have to be vigilant about approaching dogs and having an escape strategy etc. We are very appreciative of this facility and plan to use it regularly. Many thanks to all involved in the great idea of Positive Paws!" - Cath

The Play Area