Dog Training Workshops

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Canine Adventure Course

We are proud to host Canine Adventure Courses through out the year.

Skip the morning stroll and give your dog a fun workout instead!

The course is made up of 20 fun and novel obstacles - from haybales, to ball pits, logs, tyres, platforms and mazes!

The course is completed ON LEAD and is suitable for dogs of all training levels (dogs need to be dog social and people social).

To find out where and when our next Canine Adventure Course is running please check out our Facebook page or email us at


Online Trick Workshops

Train, play & have fun with your dog from the comfort of your own home!

Online Workshop runs for 8 weeks and includes:
Comprehensive instructional videos packed full of fun tricks!
Professional guidance, support & feedback
Trick Dog Title application!

Cost $120

Run by Certified Trick Dog Instructor - Laura Ryder
For more info or to enrol please email

Once registered you will become a member of the ‘Top Tricks Facebook Group'

This is where all trick training instructional videos will be uploaded for you to view. You are then encouraged to post updates, ask training questions, and if you would like, upload videos of your work in progress.

Being a member of a group provides support from other members as you all progress through the trick training concepts in the course, and you also have access to professional guidance and feedback from your Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Laura Ryder throughout the course.

Access to the online instructional videos is available for 2 months, and at the end of this time, you are encouraged to apply for your dog’s Trick Dog Title (Novice and even Intermediate!) through ‘Do More With Your Dog’! For more information on the titles please have a look at:

Intermediate and Advanced workshops also available!

To find out more or to enrol in our next Trick Workshop please email Laura at


Fun Jobs for City Dogs Workshops

Herding breeds are chosen for intelligence, drive, stamina, strong work ethic and instinct to herd!

Natural herding instinct stronger/weaker in each individual dog

Herding instinct needs an outlet – or dog will create own outlet – chasing cars, bikes, ball sports, other dogs, kids etc

Herding sheep is just as much a mental game as it is physical

City dogs therefore need:

  • Carefully balanced exercise and enrichment – mental and physical (too much focus on the physical can create endurance athletes – great on the farm but not in suburban backyards!)
  • A suitable outlet for their herding instinct: Sheepball gives mental and physical exercise vs throwing a ball (hunt instinct is triggered with fetch – releases high levels of cortisol – dog wouldn’t ‘hunt’ over and over and over and over again….!!) Repetitive and intense games of fetch can lead to injuries later in life – too high impact
  • An ‘off’ switch (thankfully we don’t tie up city dogs – but calm mat training or crate training is important to teach dogs to switch off)
  • A training plan to desensitise to moving triggers in an urban environment (bikes/cars/other dogs etc)

To find out more or to enrol in our next workshop please email Laura at