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Contents of this newsletter

01  Does your pet have a foot fetish?

02  Keep cool

03  Buckle up

04  Amazing flea facts

05  Boredom busters

01 Does your pet have a foot fetish?

Have you had it with your dog licking her paws non-stop? Are you going crazy watching your cat pull at her toe nails? 

If you are uncomfortable with your pet's foot fetish, imagine how your pet feels! 

Compulsive licking and chewing of the paws is a common problem for our pets but it shouldn't be considered normal.  There can be many causes:

Allergies: ingestion of a food, contact with grasses or plants and inhalation of pollens are common causes of itchy skin (especially at this time of the year)

Parasites: mites can burrow in to the skin and cause irritation and flea bites can cause generalised itching

Boredom: just as people with anxiety might bite their nails, our pets can develop a physical response to psychological stress - some pets will develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder

Hormonal imbalances: thyroid disease and adrenal disease can lead to superficial skin infections and itchy skin

Pain: licking to relieve pain caused by arthritis or the presence of a foreign body such as a grass seed 

If your pet has an itch a consultation with us is essential to help improve their comfort levels - we can do many things to help them feel better. 

02 Keep cool

As we are melt our way through the Australian summer, don't let your pooch become a victim of heat stress. Without the right treatment, heat stress can be fatal.

Heat stress occurs when your dog's temperature rises significantly above normal. If your dog has heat stress he may pant and look stressed and agitated. Heat stress advances to heat stroke if your dog's temperature continues to rise. This can cause collapse, seizures, organ failure and eventually death.

Take the following steps to prevent heat stroke:

  • NEVER leave your dog unattended in the car - the internal temperature of a car can become like an oven in minutes and leaving the windows down is useless
  • NEVER exercise your pet in the warmer weather
  • Always provide lots of shade and multiple water sources
  • Clip your dog's coat to help them stay cool

If you are worried about your dog wet them with cold (not icy) water spray, an electric fan or air conditioning and seek veterinary attention immediately.

03 Buckle up

NRMA Insurance recently set up an eye opening crash test illustrating the dangers of unrestrained dogs in cars.

The results shocked us and highlighted the potential dangers of carrying a dog in a vehicle - not just for the dog but also for other occupants in the car.

The test was conducted using a modified car which was crashed at 20km/h. Dummy dogs were used to show the consequences an unrestrained animal could have in an accident. 

We think all pet owners should read this article and watch the accompanying video - it might save both you AND your pet's life.  

04 Amazing flea facts

Fact 1: Fleas have been around for 100 million years, and they have been found as fossils dating back to the dinosaur period!

Fact 2: Fleas can live without a blood meal for 100 days

Fact 3: Female fleas consume 15 X their body weight in blood daily

Fact 4: After a meal, eggs are laid within 36 hours

Fact 5: One female flea can lay 2000 eggs in her lifetime (usually 2-3 months)

Fact 6: Fleas can jump 200 X their own body length - that's equivalent to a human jumping more than 300 meters 

Fleas love the warmer weather so make sure you keep up with regular prevention over summer. Ask us for the most suitable product for your pet.

05 Boredom busters

A mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog. Here are just a few great ideas to help occupy your pooch when you leave him home alone. 

Frozen ice blocks: Summer is a great time to leave your dog with a giant ice block. Use chicken or beef stock and freeze it in an ice cream container - your dog will have a long lasting lick block

Kongs: these are great time consuming treats. Fill a Kong them with beef stock or peanut butter and freeze them overnight - for more great ideas visit Kong Company’s awesome website

Treasure hunt: scatter liver treats or your dog’s kibble around the garden creating a treasure hunt. He will pick up the trail and spend time searching the garden

Background noise: leave the radio on so your dog has some background noise to help pass the time. Talk back radio or classical music is perfect for soothing canine nerves!