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We are excited to announce our NEW Interactive dog Daycare area, which is full of fun stuff to climb on, through and over! 

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Contents of this newsletter

01  Sweet Juanita

02  Death by chocolate

03  When vomiting gets serious

04  Being a responsible cat owner

05  Top ten things you need as a pet owner

06  Going crazy for a laugh

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01 Sweet Juanita

Juanita is looking for a very special home. She is an 8 month old staffy x kelpie with a very sweet nature. For her full story click Here 

02 Death by chocolate

Don't leave chocolate in your pet's reach!

The Easter Bunny is on his way and about to make his deliveries and so we are delivering you an early warning message - keep ALL chocolate out of paw's reach.

You should be aware that pets of the canine variety are designed to seek out any morsel of chocolate!

There is a derivative of caffeine in chocolate (called theobromine) that your dog can't digest. Ingestion can lead to:

  • hyperactivity 
  • tremors, panting, racing heart
  • vomiting, diarrhoea
  • seizures and even death
As a general rule, the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is. Check out this handy calculator to give you an idea of the amounts that may be toxic in your dog. 

Remember to call us immediately if your dog has ingested chocolate and i
f you end up eating too much chocolate this Easter - take a lesson from these smart kitties and get active!

03 When vomiting gets serious

'Dietary indiscretion' is a common cause of vomiting in our pets

There are many causes of vomiting. The most common is 'dietary indiscretion' which is just our way of saying your pet ate something he shouldn't!

After witholding food for a few hours (gastric rest), fluids for rehydration and medications such as those that help with nausea, your pet will most likely recover over a couple of days. 

More worrying causes include an obstruction from a bone or a piece of string (especially in cats), liver or kidney disease, or endocrine diseases such as diabetes. 

What to do if your pet vomits:

  • Don't panic but do watch for any further vomits
  • Withhold food for a few hours to allow for gastric rest
  • Think of possible causes - any access to a toxins? 
Call us if your pet:
  • Vomits more than once 
  • Seems lethargic or is off his food
  • Has large amounts of diarrhoea or isn't producing faeces
  • Has been losing weight recently
  • Ingested something he shouldn't - check out some of the crazy things pets have eaten here.
If you have a question or are worried about your furry friend always call us for advice. 
04 Being a responsible cat owner

Keep your cat in from dusk to dawn to protect our wildlife

Cats are beautiful and intelligent creatures and as a cat owner, you have a responsibility to your cat, their community and the environment.

Responsibly cared for cats are happy and safe, make good neighbours and don’t threaten wildlife. 

Top tips for being a responsible cat owner:

  1. Cats must be microchipped and registered with your local council (New Laws come into effect in November). Keep all details up to date
  2. Use a collar with an identification tag - people will know your cat is owned
  3. Unless you are a registered breeder, desex your cat
  4. Keep your cat healthy by feeding a complete and balanced diet, giving parasite prevention, regular vaccination and at least yearly vet visits with us!
  5. Curfew your cat from dusk to dawn. This is the time wildlife is most at risk, and cats are most at risk from injury from cars and cat fights. A curfew is law in some councils and with good reason - according to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, an estimated 75 million native animals are killed DAILY by feral cats.  Click here for more information. 
  6. Cat enclosures are a great idea. You can get them installed or build your own. Special Cat proof netting is available from . They are based in Queensland but can transport to Perth for a small fee.
05 Top ten things you need as a pet owner
iStock000020997400XSmall 1

A safe carrier is an essential item for cat owners

What are the top things you need to keep at home to ensure your pet is happy and well cared for?

  1. A premium quality diet suitable for your pet's age and stage - ask us for advice
  2. Parasite control to prevent fleas, ticks, mites, intestinal worms and heartworm - we can help you here
  3. Sturdy food and water bowls that are kept clean 
  4. Clean and comfortable bedding that is away from drafts and lifted off cold concrete
  5. Safe and indestructible toys - visit
  6. A correctly fitting collar with an up to date identification tag
  7. Grooming products - a pet safe shampoo, correct grooming tools such as brushes, nail clippers
  8. If you own a cat, a carrier is essential for safe car trips - your cat will feel more secure in a carrier will be MUCH safer 
  9. A good quality and secure lead and a harness for car trips (or a carrier for smaller dogs)
  10. Our phone number located in an easily accessible place (on the fridge, stored in your phone) - so you can call us in an emergency
06 Going crazy for a laugh

You may have noticed the internet craze of the 'meme' gaining momentum recently. These funny photos have clever words attached and are guaranteed to give pet owners a laugh. We'd love you to share any memes that give you a laugh on the My Pet Stories Page.... 

Here are a few of our favourites...

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