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Thankyou for helping us celebrate Vet Nurse Day on October 12. The staff were spoilt with chocolates and the most Decadent Chocolate Cake I have ever tasted! (Thanks Lorraine!) Clients were treated with Lollies and dogs & cats with liver treats. It was a fantastic day. 

Contents of this newsletter

01  Still suffering from Arthritis?

02  Vaccinate now in time for boarding

03  Curious cats

04  Peppie's painful pancreas

05  Funny videos

01 Still suffering from Arthritis?

If your pet is in a high risk group or showing any symptoms of Arthritis, then it may be time for a trip to the vet. 

We are offering a short educational IPad presentation which will give you some valuable information to help manage your pet's discomfort. Why not have a look while waiting for your next appointment. Simply ask our friendly receptionists for more information about the Ikam Presentation. 

02 Vaccinate now in time for boarding
Christmas Pets XSmall

Believe it or not, the summer holidays are just around the corner. If you haven’t done so already, you need to book your pet in for boarding now as these facilities fill up very quickly over Christmas. We don't have many kennels left! 

If your pet isn’t up to date with their vaccinations they may require two injections a month apart before they are allowed to board. This means you need to get in now! There is nothing fun about being turned away when you are on your way to the airport. 

Cats generally require a minimum of a F3 vaccination and dogs need to be up to date with their C5 vaccination.

Don’t forget to take your pet’s vaccination certificate with you when you admit your pet for boarding. Worming and flea control must also be up to date prior to admission. We are more than happy to discuss what your pet needs so call us today to prevent any extra Christmas rush stress!


03 Curious cats

Cats are curious creatures but don’t let curiosity kill your cat. Watch out for these three potential dangers in your household:

1. Lilies

Ingestion of even a small part of the lily plant can cause kidney failure in cats.

The flowers, leaves and pollen are all potentially toxic. Cats that lick a tiny amount of pollen from their coat or drink the water that the lilies are stored in can suffer toxicosis.

Potentially dangerous lily species include Easter lilies (Lilium longiflorum), tiger lilies (Lilium tigrinum), rubrum or Japanese showy lilies (Lilium speciosum and Lilium lancifolium), and various day lilies (Hemerocallis species).

2. Panadol

Paracetamol may be a common pain relief medication in humans but if given to a cat, it can cause death. It can cause a life threatening anaemia, liver failure and gastrointestinal damage. Typical signs include lethargy, vomiting, difficulty breathing and facial swelling.

3. String 

String can kill your cat. If ingested, thread, yarn wool, ribbon and string can cause serious gastrointestinal problems. Cats are particularly attracted to string, especially if it has a toy attached.

If you are worried your cat has ingested something it shouldn't have, call us for advice.


04 Peppie's painful pancreas

Peppie the ten-year-old corgi loves his food. After his owner has finished her dinner, Peppie often ends up with the leftovers in his bowl. Left over roast lamb has always been his favourite. That was, until Peppie developed a painful and potentially life threatening condition known as pancreatitis.

When a meal is eaten, the pancreas secretes enzymes required for digestion. In some cases, an overly fatty meal can trigger a “leakage” of these enzymes and the pancreas literally starts to digest itself. This can happen either all of a sudden (acute), or over time (chronic). In both cases, a pet can end up feeling very unwell.

Poor Peppie’s case came on very quickly. He was vomiting, hunched over in pain and was severely dehydrated. He was admitted to hospital and treatment was started immediately. Blood tests would confirm that he was suffering from pancreatitis but early treatment was vital. This involved restricting food, pain relief, antibiotics and rehydration via a drip.

After a few days in hospital, Peppie was discharged with strict feeding advice and a low fat prescription diet. Pancreatitis is likely to strike again so there will be no more left overs for Peppie.

05 Funny videos

We received some great videos in last month's funny video competition. Visit our My Pet Stories Facebook page to check them out! 

Next month we will be running our annual Christmas Pet Photo competition so get your costumes ready!