Tommy - The Blind Agility Dog :)

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Meet Tommy and SHARE, it is a wonderful story.

In 2012 I fostered Tommy from DFL Pound Rescue ( ). He had been rescued from the Armadale Pound and another fosterer had problems because Tommy was fighting with her male dog. 

I had 2 girls at that stage (Misty & Fog) and when he arrived they 'explained' his place in the pack and he accepted it very quickly. He wa not only blind but had an inguinal hernia and other gut problems which required extensive vet work, but he proved popular at the vet and in the dog park. Although he's blind, he's not old and is very strong and fast and he needed a firm hand.

After trying to find someone to adopt him, I decided that it was easier if I did. 

Initially I thought I had the skills to train him, as I had done training with Laura previously when I adopted Misty. However, after a couple of encounters in the dog park it was clear Tommy was a tough little scrapper and he'd attack first and ask questions later, so I phoned Laura. 

Her initial response was 'I don't know anything about training blind dogs', but I cajoled her into meeting Tommy and she came up with lots of strategies and he responded very well to them We also signed up for the Canine Companion Masterclass on Saturdays so that Tommy would learn Rally-O and respond effectively to voice command. 

We've been going for over a year and Tommy enjoys it, even if he's a bit lazy at times and would rather lie around and get attention, than follow commands. He's very good at the tunnels and at jumping on the table and going over the A-Frame. The jumps are a bit of a challenge, but he might even manage them one day. 

He might be blind, but he shows no fear of anything or anybody. He assumes that life is fabulous, that people will love him and that if a dog jumps in the river, it must be a duck and wants to be swum after.
Thanks to for the wonderful photos!


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